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Facegym Pro 30 €

Course 0f 8 treatments 200 €

A non-invasive facelift that instantly gives you a more toned appearance. The Facegym pro is a complete heavyweight workout for your facial muscles. It activates and elevates your facial muscles using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation); mild but powerful currents that strengthen your muscle fibres, tone the skin, boost circulation and improve firmness.

The Facegym Pro combines low, medium and high frequencies on the epidermis and dermis. It works at the muscle level and allows deeper penetration levels to give you visible results in as little as 10 minutes!

The sensation may feel slightly strange at the beginning, as the involuntary muscle contractions begin happening quite quickly - however it is comfortable and completely painless. Metal dental fillings may cause (manageable) tingling in your teeth.

It's also worth noting that while workouts are totally fine for pregnant women after the first trimester, it's recommended that you wait to book your visit at least two weeks after getting Botox and four weeks after getting injected with filler.

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